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About Hope Road

Hope Road is a dynamic husband and wife duo, working in the devel….

Heh. No.

We’re Kerry, Matthew & Leah. We’re taking a midlife crisis. hiatus. Well,  in Leah’s case, a somewhat early-life hiatus.  Right now we’re travelling together in a land rover, living in a roof tent somewhere between #jozi and Gonder, Ethiopia. We’ll probably be back sometime in July August.

Hope Road is currently Kerry’s company. It may turn into our company, or just be a series of projects. Ask us in a couple of months…

This is what we looked like on the first day of our trip:

First Day...

First Day…

This is what we look like now:Gondar-Omorate-Turkana-22Gondar-Omorate-Turkana-21

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  1. Hi Guys, done that trip in 2013, solo. I have enjoyed it. We hope you will as well. As a matter of interest 70% of Africa mountains are in Ethiopia . May God bless you and keep you save.

    • Thanks Fanie. We were nervous about going down through Lake Turkana on our own – mostly because we’re travelling with our 5 y/old. Luckily we hooked up with another couple and had a great trip down the western side of Lake Turkana…

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