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Rowda’s House

Staying here in 2010 was one my favourite travel moments. Its hardly changed – including Rowda’s somewhat perfunctory and arbitrary booking policy…


Leah Immediately made herself at home…

Leah latched onto the Queen of Sheba story pretty quickly in Ethiopia…

Feeling at home...

Feeling at home…

Matthew seemed to be under the impression a Richard Burton-esque disguise is still needed in Harar…


No, you don’t need to stop shaving…

The living area has managed to have a few more things on the walls. Minimalism is a millenium or two from hitting Harar. Thankfully.

Just one more basket please Rowda...

Just one more basket please Rowda…


Breakfast (crispy, fried flatbread with honey, and really good buna).


One for gold, one for money, one for medicine, one for seeds…


The upstair’s room. Once for barley, now for us…


Ditto, but with Leah


Looking East

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  1. what a ride.. brilliant images and the dry wit of MdeGale—Explorer Extrodanaire. Loving it, thanks Matt

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