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Hyenas in Harar

OK, so grandmothers, please avert your eyes. Also anyone involved in child protections services, and people who don’t believe in feeding wild animals. You’re all correct, but Harar – like Ethiopia as whole – seems to beg to be the exception to a whole lot of perfectly good rules…


Here Tika, tika tika, here tika…

The feeding started sometime in the 1950s –  though local Hararis, place it, like many activities into the mists of time immemorial..


Yusuf the hyena guy…

Once a year (possibly November – I still haven’t got to grips with the Ethiopian Calender), theres a festival where the townspeople put out porridge laced with butter. If the hyenas eat thing will go well.  The rest of the year, they get donkey meat paid for by perverse farangis…


This is not as rude as it as it looks – though I admit the whole thing is fairly perverse. This is called a hyena massage:


Hyena Massage. In Harar, its a thing…

After two nights Leah watching this, Leah decided she wanted a go…


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