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We loved the wolves – but tracking long-eared Abyssinian owls captured Leah’s imagination more than any wildlife on the trip yet…

Obligatory land rover water crossing in search of owls ...

Obligatory land rover water crossing to fulfil Ethiopian ornithological search meme…

There were lots of the rare-but-locally-common Mountain Nyala…


Yes, yes, you’re pretty and rare too…


woo hoo!

Whoo hooo! Owls!

Whoo hooo! Owls!

Specifics: We stayed at the Dinsho Lodge, Bale Mountains National Park, now under new management. Its very pretty, our room had a fireplace and a door out. Its also very pricey at $65 for the room, given that its not en-suite, and the showers are 50m away!.  It was empty while we were there so negotiated down to $40 pd. The park campsite is lovely but facility free. The new lodge owners will let you camp by the lodge and use there facilities for $10 (site, not pp). Park fees are very low.We had arrived from the Sanetti Plateau, so in Dinsho we hiked the area around the HQ, and drove to the Gaysay Extension near the park HQ  – thats where the owls were.

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