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Wolves & High Daughters

Driving up through the Harenna forest, onto the plateau, breaking through 4000m was insane…

Crazy Landscapes

Crazy Landscapes

But there are wolves here. African wolves. Righteous…


Happy(ish) families…


Ethiopian Wolf. Cool.


Still Cool.


The highest car in Africa – last sunday anyway…

Highest 5year old in Africa (well. on Sunday anyway)

The highest 5year old in Africa (well. on Sunday anyway)

Specifics: We took about 4 hours to drive across the plateau. Theres a road to the Tulu Dimtu Peak that is fantastic. Theres another road to the Wolf research site, but they ask that tourists don’t use it during the wet season. Otherwise the “main” public road is what you drive – there is the occasional ubiquitous pick-up lorry carrying goods and people.

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  1. I am officially addicted to your blog. What an adventure! So happy to be an armchair companion.

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