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Safari Njera!

Our trip is a journey, not a destination (ugh!l but still getting to Ethiopia feels like a big deal, the turning point. On to the infamous Moyale road, but its tarred until exactly 100km to Moyale…

Slightly nervy trip; an ancient police reservist wants a lift to Moyale along with his automatic rifle. We’re a few kms out when i get nervous how vulnerable well be 40kms down the road… he wont agree to unload his gun, nor does he have defintive id ( and 8nly a smattering of english) . We drive back to the policempost, they say hes a reservist, but hes  irritated now, so we leave him behind.  Later he passes us in a landcruiser, shaking  fists out the car at us

Border is friendly, more so on the Kenyan side…we head straight to the best hotel in town per our guide. A bit of a construction site, but nice enough. R200 for the 3 of us. Worst mosquitos of the trip…

And yay! Our first taste of real in-country Ethiopia – Njera for breakfast.  Also goat tripe. Apparently. Language is an issue here…

Goat-tripe Njera...breakfast of champions.

Goat-tripe Njera…breakfast of champions.

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