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Northern Kenya : Laikipia

Lunch at the Thomson falls hotel, Nyahururu, reminds us of the valley of a thousand hills.


Thomsons Falls Hotel

In fact most of the highlands remind me of natal. Further along its more like Baviaans in the E. Cape, before merging into the more karoo-like laikipia plains.

The road after Rumuruthi was pretty dire, and just got worse. The just started new road to Maralal looks a good few years away.

Had read about Bobong campsite –  the only affordable place in Laikipia. Heart sank a bit as we arrived; run down kids play area ( read death trap, which of course Leah ran towards and loved), duckpond pool; not entirely confidence inducing security staff. But wrong; its actually lovely; superb view, mown lawn flat sites, weatherproof prep area with rickety but workable furniture.


Deathtrap Play area

Lion Tracking

Lion Tracking

Looking for Elephants

Looking for Elephants


Yay! Grass.

Heard hyenas in the night, and some elephant nearby. Went tracking them the next morning but only dung. Recent lion prints very close to the campsite. Only KS500. Great value, and fun chatting to John Perret; 30000 acres he ranches; ” sounds big now, but in the dry season …”

Woke up to the view of the trip; ground-cling mist, then crystal views across the laikipia plains to Mount Kenya. Another 20mins lie-in, and wdd have missed it altogether. Clouds shrouded mt kenya for the rest of the day.


Across the Laikipia Plains

Next the road to Maralal. Slow, but stunning. Lots of samburu, then intermingled with ranches /consrvancies with dry stone walls running for dozens of kilometres.

Serious big- sky country…

big sky country, Rumuruthi-Maralal road, Northern Kenya

Big sky country, Rumuruthi-Maralal road, Northern Kenya

Good game viewing driving through Mugie ranch; wish they had a campsite.

Buffalo, Mugie Ranch, Northern Kenya

Buffalo, Mugie Ranch, Northern Kenya

Crested Crane, Mugie Ranch, Northern Kenya

Crested Crane, Mugie Ranch, Northern Kenya

Glad to get to Maralal safari lodge. We’d only met Jack at JJs, but its nice to re-meet someone…. Leah was waiting for the cheetahs…

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  1. I LOVE that pic. And Kisima? That’s where Kiran’s parents are – remember? And they are over in France for a week when we’re there – seeing their grandson.

    Just had a long chat to Cath about your phone call this morning. So wonderful to talk to you all.

    xxx Been out so will wait til 2pm and call Orms

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